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Project: Ladder and Mini ES Heat Shielding

Project Name: Bumi Armada – Olombendo FPSO

Locker Heatshielding Ltd were contacted in July 2015 by Bumi Armada Berhad regarding their Heatshield requirements for the Olombendo FPSO which was to be situated in Angola Block 15/06 East Hub Field.

Angola Block 15/06 East Hub Project consists in the development of Cabaca North and Cabaca South-East reservoirs located in the water depth range between 500 and 600m and ENI Angola expects to produce up to 100,000 bbl of oil per day from the Cabaca South East Area and Cabaca North Area wells.

The FPSO specified design life is 20 years and therefore the Heatshields were required to be designed for in excess of this timescale. This project required the shielding of 3 separate modules and the swivel turret from the effects of the radiant heat being produced from the close proximity of the Flare boom. Each module was to be covered with a canopy structure with a Heatshield roof and either one or two sides of shields dependent on the location of module to the flare boom. In addition the swivel turret required complete coverage of the Aft face (facing the flare) and the remaining three sides required specially shaped panels for the upper 1m of each level for protection against Solar radiation.

Module 15


Double Skin Ladder shields were installed on two of the faces of the specially designed frame which was used to cover the module along with Mini ES shields on the roof section to ensure that the entire working area beneath was protected from the radiant heat.

On completion of the installation and inspection of the Heatshields the full frame and Heatshields were lifted onto the FPSO using the Hercules II heavy lift vessel.

Module 31


The M31 module was protected using Double Skin Ladder shields on the front face and Mini ES shields on the roof section. These shields were installed on the quayside in the Dyna Mac yard in Singapore before being transported and lifted onto the FSPO in the Keppel Fels Tuas Yard.

Module 43


Module 34 is situated directly below the flare boom and as with the previous modules Double Skin Ladders and Mini ES shields were installed remotely before being lifted into place.

Module 10 – Swivel Turret


The Module 10 Swivel turret presented additional challenges in that support frames had to be designed and installed around the existing module. These support frames had to be designed to fit around a large number of pipe protrusions and over the top of equipment which involved providing Heatshield frames and shields in numerous shapes and sizes.

The entire Aft Face was required to be shielded and these panels were installed on a standalone support frame which was then lifted into place.


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