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Flaresim Analysis

The Locker Heatshielding team use Flaresim software to calculate radiant heat levels for both onshore and offshore installations. The software is used to specify the optimum location and construction of Heatshields, to provide the correct level of protection for both key equipment and personnel.

Operators can significantly reduce their capital expenditure by specifying a shorter length for their flare boom, and installing Locker Heatshielding where required on the platform.

For sites with conversions or changes of use, Locker Heatshields can be installed to make areas available that were previously off-limits due to unsafe levels of radiant heat, increasing productivity and safety on the plant.

Using Flaresim to Specify Locker Heatshields

Flaresim software license holders can use the software to specify Locker Heatshields, based on accurate pre-embedded data.

The video below provides a step by step guide:

Alternatively, a specialist from our team can complete the analysis on your behalf. Click here to request a Flaresim Analysis by a Locker Specialist (costs apply).

The Locker-Flaresim Relationship

Locker have closely collaborated with the creators of Flaresim since 2016. This alignment of Locker Heatshields with the provisions of the software has resulted in the software being developed with Locker Heatshield data pre-embedded. Engineers and Operators are therefore able to use Flaresim software to specify Locker Radiant Heatshields for installations all around the world.

The benefit for customers of Locker Heatshielding is an assurance that all of our Heatshielding proposals are backed by detailed calculations made using reliable algorithms and based on real empirical data.

About Flaresim

Flaresim has been designed by professional engineers to be used for the offshore industry. It is a highly developed, sophisticated radiant heat flare simulation and design software application. The software is designed to model thermal radiation and noise footprints generated by flare systems for offshore platforms, chemical plants, gas plants and refineries.

The Flaresim application has been developed to support the complex construction and features of real offshore installations. Unlimited multiple flare tips on multiple vertical, horizontal or inclined flare stacks can be specified. Users can model sub-sonic and sonic flares as well as liquid burners, using a range of algorithms and calculation methods.

Flaresim features:

  • full 3D flame-shape analysis
  • complete flexibility for location and orientation of multiple stacks
  • rapid evaluation of flare systems under different wind speeds and directions
  • highly customisable output with either detailed or summary results

Flaresim can also be used to size stack or boom length to meet specific radiation, noise or surface-temperature limits at defined points. In this way it is an excellent tool for potential cost reduction within safe limits.

Flaresim has recently been acquired by SLB, a division of Schlumberger. Our data will continue to be used as part of this new and exciting development, and we will work with the new development team to integrate the next generation of Heatshielding products.

Flaresim Example

The diagrams below are produced using Flaresim software to show the benefits of heatshield installation near a flare boom.

Without HeatshieldingWith Heatshielding Installed
Elevation View
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