Easy Connect Maintenance Shield

Locker Heatshielding, in conjunction with our partners at Galebreaker, have developed a range of Heat and Wind shields which are aimed at the maintenance and short-term installation market.

Fixings and Safety

The shields incorporate a patented ratchet mechanism to tension panels in place. They are easily connected to existing platform steelwork, directly hooking to an aligned flange, using either Lindapter CF connection technology where a flange is perpendicular to the shield, or split clamp mechanisms for connecting to SHS.

Quick to install, the shields can be placed in any area where protection from radiant heat and adverse weather is required without the need for additional supporting steelwork. The Maintenance shield is supplied in standard lengths for installation in the majority of locations with additional extension pieces provided to extend the length as required. Extensions are attached using the ratchets on the rear which are then covered by flaps which are laced to the extensions to create a continuous shield.

On completion of the maintenance work the shields can easily be dismantled and stored away for the next scheduled work.

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