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Bul Hanine PS3 Bridge Link, Qatar

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About the Project

Bul Hanine PS3 Offshore Bridge Link between the platform and accommodation block is protected with Ladder shields on both sides to protect personnel from the effects of radiant heat in emergency evacuation situations. The shields also provide good visibility and ventilation.

The Heatshields had to be shaped around the deluge valve equipment, with an internal Heatshield closing the gap left by the equipment to prevent the ingress of radiant heat.

The purchasing company was Doha Petroleum and the project is part of a 40 billion Qatari riyals ($11 billion) redevelopment of the existing Bul Hanine offshore oil field located about 120 km (75 mi) east of the Qatari coastline by DOHA, Qatar – Qatar Petroleum (QP). The project is one of the largest to be managed and executed by QP, and it is designed to prolong the field’s life and double its current oil production rate.

Click to download PDF Project Sheet: Bul Hanine PS3 Bridge Link.

Shield types used in this project

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