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Certificate No Q 05104

Project: Ladder Heat Shielding

Project Name: FPSO Capixaba

Turret Heatshields.

The FPSO Capixaba is currently on the Cachalote Field offshore Brazil.

Formerly on the Golfinho field, it was taken off station and refurbished to suit the new location.

Locker Heatshielding were commissioned by Single Buoy Moorings Inc. in 2005 to provide radiant Heatshields for the turret area of the FPSO Capixaba for its new offshore Brazil position.

Heatshields protecting electrical cabinets.

Single Skin Ladder type Heatshields were installed on the side of the FPSO turret area. They protect both the electrical control cabinets and personnel accessing these areas, from the effects of radiant heat during flaring off of waste hydrocarbons.

The Single Ladder Heatshields were used in this location for their excellent radiant heat reduction capabilities, along with the inherent strength, visibility and ventilation they provide.

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